Terms and conditions

These general conditions apply to all orders placed on the website www.bagonista.co

They are between: - Firstly, www.Bagonista.co, registered with the Abu Dhabi Global Market Freezone # 2155 and having its registered office, Regus ADGM Square - Sila Tower in Abu Dhabi, which operates under the brand name Bagonista™ service rental of handbags through its website www.bagonista.co - and secondly, any person, hereinafter called "the Customer", wishing to benefit from services offered by Www.bagonista.co on the website mentioned above. Can benefit from the services offered by the site www.bagonista.co: - Customer using the website who are Minor /under the age of 18 shall not register as a User of the website and shall not transact on or use the website. Only adult above 18 years old holding a valid credit card, an Emirates ID an email address. Bagonista reserves the right to modify at any time. The amended terms and conditions and will apply to Customer for any new order. Bagonista will not trade with or provide any services to OFAC and sanctioned countries

These terms are intended to define the modalities for the implementation of all services provided by Bagonista www.bagonista.co via its website and or mobile Applications

      Any person who subscribes or places an order on the website www.bagonista.co, adheres fully and unreservedly with these conditions. However the contract between Bagonista and the Customer is validly and definitively concluded that as of the date of the express acceptance of the membership or order by Bagonista, which will be materialized by sending an email confirmation to the Customer. Bagonista reserves the right to refuse any membership/membership or order. At the date of Bagonista’s acceptance, the contract cannot be questioned besides in cases restrictively provided in these terms. Any order signed by the consumer double-clicks "constitutes an irrevocable acceptance which can be challenged only within the limits provided in these Terms of Use. Customer / User is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his account
      • Services offered by Membership packages: The purchase of a Membership allows the customer to rent up to a handbag for a period of 30 days
      • Membership:
        Subject to other provisions of these terms, the Membership will only be effective when Bagonista will send a confirmation email to the Customer.
      • Duration of Membership:
        The duration of a membership is 30 days, it starts when the Customers receives his first bag
      • Price of the membership:
        Payment of the full membership comes when the membership is made and paid by credit card. At each renewal of the membership, the Customer authorizes Bagonista.co to take the price of the membership by debiting his credit card. The price of the membership packages is available on the website www.bagonista.co. Bagonista reserves the right to modify it at any time. However, any change in rates applicable to the Membership type chosen by the Customer will be applied only after the current Membership period, which means at the time of renewal. A customer, can, with a Membership keep a bag for up to 30 days, if the customer’s decides to exceed the 30 days rental he is committing to fully pay the next membership cycle
      • Membership renewal:
        The customer approves that the monthly Membership will auto renew at the end of its 30 days cycle. The Customer authorizes Bagonista to charge the price of the membership by debiting his credit card
      • Unsubscribe
        The customer can only terminate his membership before the new Membership cycle starts
      • Termination of the membership:
        Bagonista reserves the right to terminate any membership without refund or compensation in the event of non-compliance by Customer of any obligations to his office and especially after an incident or payment for loss, theft or damage to a rented handbag. This termination will take effect immediately after its notification by Bagonista by email or text message on the registered mobile. Upon termination of a membership, the Customer must immediately return any rented bag in his possession and pay any amount owed to Bagonista.
      • Selection of a handbag:
        The bags available for rent by Bagonista are purchased new or used. Bagonista provides maintenance and renovation of handbags whenever needed
      • Placing an order:
        Bagonista accepts new rental orders once the previously leased bag is returned. Bagonista will send the customer an e-mail order confirmation: - The shipment date and timing slots; - The return date of the handbag
      • Delivery:
        Delivery is free as it is included in the membership fee. Delivery will be made by a courier to the home address of the customer only, this address is specified by the Customer after placing his order. The driver will only give the package to the Customer in person. The Customer will have to show his Emirates ID and sign on the delivery form The parcel delivery contains: - The handbag in a soft protective pouch. If the Client finds that the actual condition of the bag does not match the information provided by Bagonista in the email order confirmation referred to in Article 5.3, it shall: - Notify Bagonista by e-mail address: info@bagonista.co within an hour after delivery of the package, and, Bagonista will arrange the return using their courier service
      • Calculating the length of rental:
        The first day of the rental begins on the date the package is delivered to the Customer, also mentioned in the confirmation email in Article 5.3. The last rental day is the pickup day of the package. The rental period is calculated in calendar days. If the last day is a day on which the courier services are closed, it ends on the first day of opening of a courier service, any delay due to Bagonista delivery service will not be charged to the Customer. Customer must keep the receipt of the provider of delivery as proof of filing.
      • Return of purse:
        The Customer shall return the handbag to the expiration of the lease term. The Customer undertakes to post the handbag exclusively in its original packaging. If the packing is lost or damaged, Customer must inform Bagonista by Email before courier picks up the return bag
      • Use of the bag during the tenancy:
        The Customer undertakes to use the bag with care and to take all necessary precautions to avoid any damage. Avoid: - Exposing the bag to any source of potential damage such as dust, strong variations in temperature, sunlight, humidity, shock; - Clean the bag by using no other than a dry and clean cloth or by any other instructions than those provided by Bagonista - To leave the handbag out of the reach of young children; - Do not insert inside the bag, anything likely to stain and / or damage. The Customer may use the bag rented for personal use only. Thus, it is forbidden to lend or the sub-lease the bag, to make it available to others and to make any professional or commercial use.
      • Degradation of the bag:
        In case of a major deterioration of the bag (stain, tear, deep scratch, burn, etc..), The Customer undertakes to notify Bagonista by email (contact: info@bagonista.co) or telephone (toll indicated on the website) within 24 hours after the occurrence of the event. Furthermore, in case of degradation of the bag, the Customer agrees not to undertake or arrange any repair under its own power. Customer will return the bag within 24 hours. If courier services are closed, the first day of opening the courier office. Any return of a bag in a state different from that stated in the letter of confirmation referred to in Article 5.3, shall be construed as degradation.
        • Charges in case of Degradation
          Bagonista reserves the right to charge the Customer: - In case of deterioration, the cost of repairs up to AED 1000. Customer agrees that Bagonista can directly recover the cost of repair by direct debit and is expressly forbidden to take any action which would prevent recovery.
        • Charges in case the rented bag is not returned
          A bag is considered as not returned if the customer does not return it 1 day after the end of the paid cycle. Bagonista reserves the right to charge the Customer in case of Loss or Theft the price of a bag of substitution. The price of a bag of substitution is its current retail price. If the model is discontinued, the substitution will be a bag from the same designer with the similar fabric and size. Customer agrees that Bagonista can directly recover the cost of substitution by direct debit and is expressly forbidden to take any action which would prevent recovery.
      • Tracking device
        Each bag is equipped with a tracking device to ensure it is not replaced with a counterfeit. The customer agrees not to remove the tracking system. If the system is not working anymore at the time the driver collects the bag, Bagonista will have to authenticate the bag. If the returned bag, proved to be a forgery, Bagonista reserves all recourse against the Customer.
      • Placing orders online
        The placing of the order is carried out by a series of data entries on successive screen pages. When you confirm your order, you accept it as the entirety of these terms and conditions fully and without reservation. You will then be asked to enter your bank details (credit card number and expiration date) for online payment. Before paying, you will be able to see a summary of the transaction including the date, the contents of the service and price. As the meaning of the transaction by the bank, Bagonista takes your order and send you a detailed receipt thereof by electronic mail. This acknowledgment will advise you of your order number, the exact amount charged and terms of delivery. This acknowledgment constitutes acceptance of your order and validate the transaction. Your order is then processed so that you can receive your product. A valid Emirates ID will be required on every order. If this is Emirates ID is not provided or does not match the person receiving the parcel, the courier will not keep the package and will return it. The customer has 24 hours to reschedule a delivery. After 24 hours, the order is cancelled, and no refund is given However, we reserve the right to cancel any order from a client with whom there is a dispute over payment of a previous order. In the event beyond our control, an item may become unavailable ordered an outage notification will be sent by mail and we will refund the amount of the missing item as soon as possible. Orders are archived on our server. At any time, you can access the details of your orders by checking your account on the website. You agree that our registration systems are worth ordering proof of the nature of the Convention and its date.
      • Price
        Prices are quoted in Emirati dirhams. They include UAE VAT and shipping cost. Bagonista reserves the right to change prices at any time. Price changes, VAT and handling fee will not be changed once the customer receives his order confirmation.
      • Terms of payment
        Unless stated otherwise in the order or in these conditions, the service is paid only by credit card on secure bank servers. We only accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards in AED. No banking information is communicated to the Customer or Bagonista is transmitted via the site www.bagonista.co. When confirming your order you are directed to the secure payment site of the payment gateway provider which incorporates the standard SSL security. Confidential data is transmitted in encrypted form to payment gateway provider. Cardholder must retain a copy of transaction records and Bagonista policies and rules
      • Payment default
        Bagonista reserves the right to refuse an order if there were payment issues on a previous order or for any other reason. Any amount due and not paid when due will bear interest at a rate equal to one and half times the legal interest rate for the entire period between the date of payment of the sum and that of its full payment, principal and accessories, without any need to send any notice.
      • Terms and Delivery:
        Deliveries will be made only to some locations listed in the website and mobile applications in Dubai only. The handbags will be delivered to the home address provided when the membership is created. It is the Customer's responsibility to verify the compliance of the product at the time of delivery and before signing the courier's delivery and indicate on the delivery of all reserves accompanied by his signature. Such verification is considered to be made when the Customer, signed the delivery note. If at the time of delivery, the original packaging is damaged, torn, open, then you must check the status of the product. If they were damaged, you must refuse the package and noted a reservation on the delivery (package refused because opened or damaged). You will also send these reserves to Bagonista via email within 24 hours.
      • Information - Privacy
        The Customer expressly agrees to connect to Bagonista, and accurate data to inform Bagonista any changes in the information provided, including any change of address. The Customer undertakes to preserve the confidentiality of his / her login and access code; they are strictly personal. It's the same information accompanying the vouchers. The Customer shall be solely responsible for all the damaging consequences of the disclosure to any third party by Customer, its identifier and / or its access code.
      • Property
        All the elements constituting the www.bagonista.co site comes under United Arab Emirates and international copyright and intellectual property. All property rights are reserved, including iconographic and photographic works presented on the site. Marks reproduced on the site are submitted by companies that own them. The Customer agrees not to reproduce, display, operate, use or distribute all or part of the evidence presented on the site on any medium and by any means.
      • Responsibility
        The photographs illustrating the products are not contractual. Customer acknowledges that the photograph of the product that appears on the website is indicative only. Alterations can indeed occur due to the processing of the photo. Bagnoista cannot be held liable for breach of contract, in case of shortage, or unavailability Bagonista cannot be held liable for breach of contract in connection with acts of God, force majeure, disruption or total or partial strike of postal services and transport and / or communications, flood, fire, acts of terrorism, acts of war. Bagonista cannot be held liable for the site is unavailable due to a technical problem on the server hosting company, the occurrence of any abnormality or defect of ISP, the interruption of traffic. In any event, the total amount of compensation that Bagonista might have to pay the Customer compensation for damages or for any reason whatsoever, is limited by the parties to the transaction value at the origin of the damage. It is expressly agreed between the Parties that if resolution of the Contract for any reason whatsoever, this clause will survive.
      • Filing and Proof
        The records stored in computer systems from Bagonista and its partners in conditions of reasonable safety, will be considered proof of communications, orders and payments between the parties. The filing of purchase orders and invoices is made on a reliable and sustainable accounting system
      • Applicable law and Jurisdiction
        United Arab of Emirates is our country of domicile. These conditions are subject to United Arab Emirates law. The competent court of Dubai in case of dispute will be the domicile of the defendant in United Arab Emirates, as the defendant's place of actual delivery of the product. End of Terms


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